Thick Pyramid Sterling Silver Indian Bangles Review

Thick Pyramid Sterling Silver Indian Bangles Review

Getting a bracelet that has a West Indian Bangle Style is common, but obtaining one that has a rare and unique design is uncommon. Such designs is found in some bracelets that give it a mixture of a vintage touch and a modern feel.

This interesting combination is bound to bring excitement to the eyes and a smile on the face due to its valuable, and stylish blend.

Thick Pyramid Sterling Silver Indian Bangles On Hand

If you're looking for a bracelet that does this, then the Thick Pyramid Ends West Indian Bangles is the best choice without spending extra money.

About The Product

Better Jewelry created a pair of stylish sterling silver West Indian Bangles. The bangles have a thick pyramid-like ends that's guaranteed to be a hit during the summer season. Whether you buy this pair of jewelry as a gift or for yourself, you'll be surprised how beautiful it looks!

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    West Indian Bangles (pair)
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    Size: 7.5
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    .925 Sterling Silver
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    Created in the USA
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    Also available in size (6-10)


Upon first look, the piece has a similar appearance to fine jewelry. However, it has a .925 rating. This means that the bracelet is created out of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% copper. While the copper is present, the bracelet has a high concentration of pure silver, which enhances the bracelet’s durability without losing its natural shine.

This means that the bangle bracelet can be worn for generations to come. Unlike other silver jewelry, it's highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. In fact, you can wear it while exercising and sleeping, as discoloring is not an issue.


The color, design, size, and weight are perfect along with its feel and texture. The bracelet measures 5 inches in width and 9 inches in height. These West Indian Bangles are popular because of their quality and beautiful appearance.

When it comes to sizing, this bracelet was intended for women who are a 7 ½. However, Better Jewelry also has this pair in a 6-10 size if your wrist is too small or too large. Furthermore, the bangles don't have sharp edges which prevent it from snagging or getting caught on clothing.

Thick Pyramid Sterling Silver Indian Bangles On Pillow

Consumers main concern was the jewelry's pointy sides. On some occasions, they felt the sides of the bracelet poking their skin. Make sure that you get the correct size and wear comfortable clothing to prevent this issue from occurring.

Still, it's one of the best pairs of West Indian Bangles that we've found. Not only does it keeps its luster, but it also has the perfect size for people with large wrists. You'll be able to wear this beautiful bracelet without having to worry about it bending!

Buying Advice

Still don’t know what jewelry piece is right for you? Keep reading!



  • High authentic quality
  • Comfortable; doesn’t get caught on clothing
  • Thick and sturdy build
  • Pointy

Speak To The Seller

This depends on where you’re buying the jewelry, but if you can speak to a representative or a seller, don’t hesitate to do so. Talking to someone in person or via phone gives you the opportunity to ask about the hallmarks, silver sourcing, and the pricing. You’ll be able to get the answers you’re seeking especially if you prepare these questions beforehand.

Check For Hallmarks Or Silver Grade

The quickest way to determine the quality of silver jewelry is its inclusions of Hallmarks and its silver grade. Hallmarks are very small and are placed in a discrete area on your jewelry. On some occasions, you'll need good lighting and a magnifying glass to see them.

For silver grading, the jewelry piece needs to say ".925" or "STERLING" for it to be accurate. This is a good method that allows you to tell if you have real silver in your possession. Both of those markings will determine if you have high-quality jewelry.

But, you should avoid jewelry pieces with the words "EPNS." EPNS means "electro plated nickel silver." This means that it's not actual silver but a substitute that's made to appear like silver.

Remember, fine (99.9%) silver is malleable, this means that it bends easily and is soft. High-quality silver is combined with another metal to increase its durability. The best jewelry pieces have a mixture of silver and a stronger metal such as copper.

Physically Test Your Silver

The best way to ensure that your silver jewelry is real is to conduct a series of physical tests. These tests don’t ruin the appearance of your silver; making them easy and safe to use.

First, you should find a magnet and place it next to your silver jewelry. Remember, silver is not magnetic, meaning that if it does attach onto the magnet, its either made of the low-grade metal such as nickel.

Thick Pyramid Sterling Silver Indian Bangles


When doing this test, get a powerful magnet to conduct this test. While you can use a household magnet, it won't be strong enough to measure the magnetism of your jewelry accurately.

Alternatively, you can wipe a white piece of cloth against the silver. If dark marks start to appear, that means you have a high-quality silver. Pure silver creates black marks when it’s exposed to air due to oxidation.

Jewelry Maintenance

After you've bought your silver jewelry, you need to maintain it for it to last longer. Here are a few tips that you should follow:

  • Keep the silver away from steam and water
  • Store jewelry in an airtight bag or container. For additional protection, use an airtight tarnish strip
  • If your jewelry has pearls or gemstones, don't fully submerge it in water. Instead, get a cotton swab with a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Place the sterling silver in a sink full of water and hand wash it. Use a toothbrush or a cotton swab to scrub through tight corners

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Thick Pyramid Ends West Indian Bangles has the perfect thickness, unique accent design, and the ideal weight to display a luxurious, modern feel. Thus, any woman will feel delighted to wear this for any occasion.

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