What Is Smart Jewelry?: A Basic Guide For Newbies

What Is Smart Jewelry?: A Basic Guide For Newbies

It’s a common misconception that “smart jewelry” was made for men. However, this is a common misconception.

Wearables don’t have to be hyper masculine or ugly to be useful and high tech. A myriad of small startups and big companies are making wearable accessories available for women. 

Smart jewelry is a prime example of this and is starting to become more popular amongst the fashion industry. 

Different Types Of Smart Jewelry

We want to help our readers know the best smart jewelry options that are out there. Smart Jewelry is not only a good fashion statement, but its ability to use apps will increase your utility, protect you during emergencies, and keep you in contact with your families and loved ones without the need of a smartphone.

What Is Smart Jewelry?

Smart jewelry is a term used for jewelry that has added functionality behind it. It’s a wearable device that allows you to stay in contact with the people and receive information that you value the most. 

Put simply; it's an accessory with a purpose. Smart jewelry is like an extension to your smartphone. It comes with a multitude of apps and provides a range of notifications that helps you stay on top of the necessary things in your life. 

What Type Of Jewelry Can Be Smart?

Here are the most common types of smart jewelry that are commonly sold in stores:

Smart Bands

Smart bands are the latest in fitness tracking and modern technology. It’s a gadget that’s placed around your wrist and allows an individual to keep track of their entertainment, fitness level, information, and a lot more. 

Smart bands are wireless and can directly connect to smartphones, cars, and healthcare monitors. If you plan on getting a smart band, make sure that it fits your wrist size to ensure that it works properly.

Smart Rings

Smart rings have the same features as a smart band but are placed on your finger instead of your wrist. They have features such as different vibration patterns and alert you for texts and calls from your trusted contacts. 

With smart rings, you'll have access to 100+ apps at your disposal. Each of these apps can be customized to suit your personal, fitness, and emergency needs. Thus, a smart ring is the best for the mobile traveler who wants extra utility at their fingertips. 

Smart Pendants 

Smart pendants can be attached to your necklace and can act as a means of security, send SMS notifications, and can even project text messages on your hand! With smart pendants, they have sensors that can be used to track your sleeping patterns, movements, and tell you the time of the day. 

Additionally, some smart pendants have navigation systems when you or your child is walking outside. It creates a GPS map of your location so that you can reach your destination without any issues. Buy a smart pendant if you want to remain safe at all times.

What “Smart” Functions They Have?

With smart jewelry, it makes your life easier due to its multiple features it has stored inside it. These are the popular “smart” functions that you should expect your jewelry to have:

Touching Smart Watch


Users buy smart jewelry because it allows them to manage their lives more efficiently. Not only does it gives the user detailed fitness updates, but it helps you monitor other functions such as to-do things, sleeping, and much more.


Smart Jewelry can come in handy during precarious situations. Some allow users to download a companion app to their smartphone and have the watch sync to it. Also, there are smart necklaces that allow you to set up 5 emergency contacts and the police.

When looking for smart jewelry for safety, check out its alert settings before buying. For example, some jewelry products can range from providing a simple alert to the police to sending a distress signal and showing your contacts your location.

No matter which one you get, rest assured that you'll be safe when traveling long distances away from home.

Fitness Tracking

Another smart function is the ability to track the user's fitness progress. Smart watches can determine how many miles a user traveled throughout the day. Also, they can track your heart beat when conducting cardio exercises. 

Some smart apps have an altimeter that measures your altitude. This can be important if you're trying to determine how many flights of stairs you've climbed up or the height of the mountains you've climbed throughout the day. 

Most smart jewelry has sensors that measure the intensity, duration, frequency, and acceleration in your movement. For people trying to get in shape and monitor their health patterns, smart jewelry is the right accessory for you. 

Answering Messages

Smart jewelry gives you the advantage of answering messages without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. With the touch of a button, you can respond to your friend's messages and text them back within seconds. 

Enhanced Battery Life

Your smart jewelry should help make your life easier; this means that you should not have to recharge it to get the most out of it constantly. Some models can go up to three days before needing to be recharged.

If it's your first time getting smart jewelry, check for its battery life specifications. Avoid it if the battery life is under 16-18 hours, or doesn't have a reliable charging feature. Doing so allows you to have a reliable piece of jewelry during extended trips from home. 


Beyond sending you notifications from your phone, your smart watch is only as good as the apps that it provides. For instance, smartwatches allow you to use an “Uber” app and hail a cab regardless of the location. 

Holding Smart Pendant

In fact, some are integrated with airline apps and allow you to board your plane using the smartwatch as a boarding pass. We suggest that you buy smart jewelry which has apps that are suited towards your lifestyle.

Closing Thoughts

Smart jewelry gives you the benefit of being fashionable and functional at the same time. When wearing one, you'll notice an increase in your efficiency and ability to manage daily tasks in your life. Conclusively, buy smart jewelry if you want a piece of modern technology that's stylish enough to match with your outfit. 

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