Silver Better Than Second Best

Silver Better Than Second Best

It is pretty commonly known that silver is the cheapest of the three precious metals used in most jewelry--Gold, Silver, and Platinum. We get it, but what else makes silver a good base? It has many other qualities that make it stand out. It is durable, fashionable, and versatile.

Precious Metals

With those extra qualities in mind, take a look at silver versus the other precious metals that might make up someone’s collection.

Silver Vs. Gold

Gold jewelry has captivated people for years, but silver has always been popular as well. At one time it was even prized over gold.

Gold And Silver Coins

Both are soft metals and must be combined with other metals into gold or silver alloys to increase durability. Once combined, gold alloys are more durable than silver alloys and they never tarnish. Although they are delicate and may be scratched if worn too often.

Sterling silver, the most common silver alloy, may also scratch, but it's cheaper so this is less of a problem Wearing silver jewelry can help clean it because the oils from your skin can help prevent tarnish.

The difference is gold alloys also come in a variety of colors. Depending on what metals gold combines with it can become white, yellow, red, pink, green or even blue. 

While silver comes in only one color, its popularity and price mean that designers often use it to cast their most creative designs. 

Silver Vs. Platinum

Platinum is rarer and more expensive than gold. It is also more durable, and it doesn't tarnish.

This means it has that much more of these qualities than silver. However, it is harder to refine and work the metal, so silver will be more readily attained and you are more likely to find what you want no matter what style.

Silver Vs. Others

Cobalt, stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic carbide are also used to make jewelry. Many of these metals are very strong and even scratch resistant. However, they lack silver’s luster and its value.

The Silver Standard

So why is silver the best option for your jewelry? There are still more benefits to using silver that we haven’t made clear. 


Talking about how durable gold and platinum might give the impression that silver is somehow brittle. Worry not, sterling silver when cared for can last a lifetime.

Sterling silver made with 92.5% pure silver with other metals making up the rest is the most popular silver alloy for this very reason. This is called 925 Sterling Silver, and it is quite durable. It will be more expensive than an alloy with less pure silver but still less than gold or platinum alloys.

If the other metals used are "detox alloys" as opposed to say copper, then it will be even more resistant to tarnishing. Copper used to be the most common in sterling silver alloys. When old sterling silver jewelry tarnished, it was the copper that was tarnishing, so make sure you know what you are buying.


The popularity of sterling silver guarantees that silver pieces will always be in style. You can always find the latest trends cast in silver because of this and its affordability.

Different Type Of Silver Jewelry

Designers often cast in silver due to such demands, so you can find a wide variety of styles and designs in sterling silver that you wouldn’t in gold. 

Gold tends to use simple designs or ones that will last beyond short trends. This leads to less variety and experimentation. Silver is soft and easy to mold so no matter what your taste is you can always find a piece to fit you. 

Its affordability makes it attractive to new artists who perhaps aren’t established enough to risk using gold on new designs. New artists mean new designs as well, so buying silver pieces is a great way to stay current. Its less of an investment for both sides.

There are some websites devoted entirely to sterling pieces. The choices for silver are endless. 


Wearing silver is appropriate for any occasion, casual outing or black tie. Silver adds class to any outfit and can be a statement or an accent depending on the piece. But that’s just how it works on its own.

Silver goes well with other metals. You can wear it with white gold or platinum, and they will all blend well together. Or add a splash of difference to a few gold pieces to make the pieces pop.

It is so close in color to white gold or platinum it could be used as a substitute. No need to spend the money on another platinum piece when a silver one accomplishes the same thing.

Great For Sensitive Skin

Sterling silver jewelry is hypoallergenic. It does not use metals that can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions, such as brass. 

Easy To Clean

Once again, when compared to how gold and platinum never tarnish, silver starts to sound like a dull metal. It is not. 

You can prevent tarnish by storing pieces in protective pouches or even wearing them, as has been stated earlier. But even if they do it's very easy to restore their luster. Most stores hold a varnish or polish for silver. A quick polish with one of those and your silver will be sparkling in no time.

Don’t let people give silver a bad name.


It seems a lot of people focus on what gold does better. They make it seem like silver has all these problems. When looked at more closer silver doesn't have those faults at all. It is durable. It can be polished. And it is still less expensive.

Young Woman Wearing Silver Jewelry

We found the choices in style are simply more abundant and it looks good with everything. There are plenty of differences between silver and gold or platinum. But the only ones that matter seems to favor silver.

Consider silver as a base for your jewelry, and you will notice the journey has just begun.



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