The Best Silver Necklace To Make The Perfect Gift

The Best Silver Necklace To Make The Perfect Gift

You no longer have to struggle to try to find that perfect piece of jewelry that will leave your loved one speechless because we have found several options that will suffice.

Regardless of whether or not you notice little things such as the jewelry that your loved one wears, you can never go wrong with buying a sterling silver necklace. You can even personalize a sterling silver necklace with a pendant of your choice, which makes for the perfect gift

Wearing Silver Necklace

We have come up with our top four best silver necklaces currently available for an affordable price online that will guarantee a smile from your loved one. 

Best Silver Necklace

Do yourself a favor and continue reading our brief reviews regarding the best sterling silver necklaces that would make the perfect gift. 

Winner: Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace

If you’re searching to find a necklace that is both elegant and understated, you should look no further because the Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace is the one for you. Some notable features:

  • Chain Length: 16 inches 
  • Pendant Dimensions: 7/16 inches by 3/4 inches by 1/8 inches
  • Made out of Eco-Friendly Sterling Silver
  • plus-circle
    Contains Signature Beveled Edge 
  • plus-circle
    Comes with Authentic Stamp 
  • plus-circle
    Hangs on a Diamond Cut Ball Chain 
  • plus-circle
    Lobster Clasp 
  • plus-circle
    Rhodium Plated 

You don't notice many silver necklaces featuring a lotus flower pendant. For those wanting to be unique when it comes to wearing a piece of jewelry, you can't be more different than wearing a lotus flower pendant.

Those who are searching for a silver necklace that is made entirely out of pure silver, you’ll be sad to hear that it is impossible. Pure silver in its natural form is, in fact, too soft to be used for jewelry production. This explains why the Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace doesn’t claim to be pure silver. 

Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace



The Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace is considered to be a 925 sterling silver necklace, which is the best sterling silver money can buy you. To break it down for you, 925 sterling silver refers to 92.5 percent of pure silver that’s mixed with a metal alloy. 

You don't have to worry about the Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace being silver plated because it isn't.  Silver-plated necklaces tend to be cheaper since they only feature a thin layer of sterling silver on top of another metal.

However, if you expect this to be an impressive gift, you won't opt out for a silver-plated necklace when you have the Alex Woo Little Faith Lotus Blossom Pendant Necklace that's made out of sterling silver.

Runner-Up: HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace

Similar to our best silver necklace winner, the HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace is also made out of 925 sterling silver. Sterling silver is popular amongst silver necklaces because it is mixed with ideal alloys that ensure the necklace doesn’t tarnish easily. Some notable features:

  • Chain Length: 16 inches to 18 inches 
  • Clasps: Lobster Claw 
  • Gemstone Type: Swiss Blue Topaz
  • plus-circle
    Gemstone Weight: 3 carats
  • plus-circle
    60-Day Return Policy 
  • plus-circle
    Chain & Pendant Made out of 925 Sterling Silver
  • plus-circle
    Comes in a Jewelry Box 

Jewelry manufacturers are always searching for better alloys to mix their silver with, but the HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace adheres to the typical 925 sterling silver formula. The 92.5 percent silver is alloyed with 7.5 percent copper to result in a chain and pendant that can withstand everyday wear and tear

The copper build means that the HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace is not tarnish-resistant, so you're going to have to take matters into your own hands when you have to clean the necklace.

The makers of the HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace claim that both the chain and pendant made out of 925 sterling silver is plated with 18K white gold. The white gold the makers are referring to is actually Rhodium. 

HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace



To break it down even further, Rhodium is known to be very hard as well as a bright white metal. It is actually part of the Platinum metal family, which means that it is corrosion resistant. Some of the best sterling silver necklaces are plated in Rhodium because it provides a bright and shiny finish to sterling silver. 

The Rhodium plated finish also ensures that the silver is kept from scratching, which is good news if you’re looking for a sterling silver necklace that is less prone to tarnishing. 

The HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace contains a pendant that looks completely different from the previous necklace we reviewed above. This sterling necklace features a natural topaz gemstone that’s embellished with small amounts of synthetic cubic zirconia. 

Since the HXZZ Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace is an affordable option, you can't expect it to come with a gemstone that's one hundred percent blue topaz. The cubic zirconia you'll find small amounts of is manufactured in a lab setting and is one of the best diamond imitations available.

Alternative: ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace 

The ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace is one of the only sterling silver necklaces reviewed here today that features an opal as a pendant. Some notable features:

  • Comes with Round Opal Pendant: 8 millimeters 
  • Necklace Chain Length: 17.7 inches
  • Height of Pendant: 0.59 inches
  • plus-circle
    Width of Pendant: 0.55 inches
  • plus-circle
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • plus-circle
    Comes with Heart-Shaped Sterling Silver Pendant 
  • plus-circle
    Chain Made out of 925 Sterling Silver 
  • plus-circle
    Clasp Round Socket Ratchet

The opal that the ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace comes with is actually simulated opal, which translates to lab-created opal. Since the opal is an extremely rare stone to find in nature, it is a favorite amongst jewelry manufacturers to have them lab-created. 

Keep in mind that the opal specific to the ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace is not an imitation of opal, but it is, in fact, the real deal. While grown in the lab, the opal contains the same chemical, physical, and optical makeup that real opals do.

The only difference between the real opal and the simulated opal of the ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace is that it doesn't contain water as the natural opal does. The lack of water is actually good news because this means the opal is less vulnerable to changes in humidity, temperature, and heat.

This means that simulated opal is stronger and can withstand more intense stresses than natural opal can. 

Sterling Silver Open Heart Created Opal Heart Necklace



For those who don’t want to appear as if they are wearing a simulated form of opal, don’t worry. The average individual will find it impossible to tell the difference between the two. 

If a loved one in your life is going through a troubling time, you may want to consider buying them the ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace because of its opal pendant. Opal functions to expose your aura to the entire spectrum of light energy present. 

This light exposure might be uncomfortable for the wearer at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll feel a soothing feeling come over you. In fact, your emotional body will finally be clear of all the negative aspects that are polluting your spiritual well-being, so you can go on and live life to the fullest. 

You'll experience a boost in optimism, creativity, as well as enthusiasm for life in general. As you can see, you can't go wrong with buying the ASHINE Moonlight Sonata Necklace as a gift for your special someone or as a gift for yourself.

Best Silver Cross Necklace

Let's take a look on our top pick for the best silver cross necklace:

All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace

The All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace comes with a sterling silver chain and pendant that features the most sought out percentage of silver, 92.5 percent. The other remaining percent consists of some other metal that will give both the chain and pendant a stronger build to it. Some notable features:

  • Made out of 925 Sterling
  • Comes with Rose Accents 
  • Cross Pendant: Two Genuine Round Diamond Stones
  • plus-circle
    Comes with Lobster Clasp 
  • plus-circle
    Chain Length: 20 inches
  • plus-circle
    Wheat Chain Design 
  • plus-circle
    Stone Weight: 0.003 carats
  • plus-circle
    Included: Burgundy Velvet Pouch & Burgundy Gift Tote Bag
  • plus-circle
    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Typically, the remaining percentage is made out of copper, so you have to be aware that the All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace will be prone to be tarnished.

When compared to the other sterling silver jewelry necklaces reviewed above, we haven’t seen such an elaborate multi-step testing process being enforced by any other necklace manufacturer. This extensive testing process ensures that every single All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace is made to perfection. 

The two genuine diamond stones that make up a portion of the sterling silver cross pendant add so much more positive value to the already existing positive religious undertones that the All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace has to offer. 

Diamond Heart Necklace Cross



Diamonds are known to be a symbol of innocence and purity and help to embrace your faith in the world. Its connotations with love make it an excellent gift for a loved one in your life, plus the price tag isn't too bad considering that the diamond stones are genuine.

By simply wearing the All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace, you will notice that you’ll have a positive mindset towards life that will attract a similar reaction with the people around you. 

If you spend a majority of your time in a somewhat stressful and tense work environment, then you may want to consider equipping yourself with your personal armor being the All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace. 

For those who think that the diamond stones might be too much of a statement of wealth, the opposite is actually true. If you have simple tastes, diamonds are known to signify that you’ve given up on material wealth. 

In fact, diamonds can function to be a symbol of deep reflection, which goes well with the cross pendant of the All Patron Saints Diamond Heart Necklace.

Why Is A Silver Necklace A Great Gift? 

Just as the clothes we wear are an extension of how we choose to express ourselves, accessories serve the same purpose. On top of shoes, purses, and hats, both women and men can also enhance their outfit with jewelry. 

The choices men have regarding necklaces are much more limited than a women's, but the concept remains the same.

The necklaces reviewed here today are more catered towards a gift for a female, but for men with eclectic tastes, you should feel free to accessorize your outfits with any of the above-reviewed sterling silver necklaces.

Silver Necklace In Box

Sterling silver necklaces make an excellent gift because of how easily they can match any outfit. In fact, everyone should have at least one sterling silver necklace as part of their wardrobe because it can make quite an elegant statement. 

High quality silver necklaces are not hard to come by, and there are some inexpensive options. You'll be surprised to see how many options available to you when searching for a sterling silver necklace.

The pendant choices are endless. Once you buy a sterling silver necklace with an interchangeable pendant, you are giving your loved one the option of accessorizing the necklace as they see fit. The freedom to do so is a much more valuable gift than anything else you could buy them.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Silver Necklace

Sometimes people purchase a sterling silver chain and end up switching up the pendant based on how they feel that day. But before you purchase yourself a silver necklace you should pay attention on this things:


When you enter the world of sterling silver necklaces, you’ll realize the numerous options you can pick from. For those searching for a sterling silver necklace for daily wear, you should consider buying a petite silver chain. 

For a more dramatic look, you can decide on a thick chain, but these aren’t advised for everyday use. More chain options include rope chains, box chains, and link chains, so you should give all of them a look before you finalize your decision. 

Is It Genuine? 

Before you try and find the best silver chain, you should find out whether or not the sterling silver used is genuine or not. The last thing you would want to happen is that you spend a couple of hundred dollars on a sterling silver necklace to find out that is was not real silver.

Mark Of Authenticity 

Sterling silver will have a stamp that reads the numbers 925. The number refers to the percentage of silver embedded in the necklace, and sterling silver is known to be 92.5 percent silver. The remaining 7.5 percent tends to be copper or another metal that gives the necklace a durable feel to it. 

When you receive your sterling silver necklace in the mail, you should inspect it for any flaws. The surface of the necklace should appear both flawless and smooth. If you notice any spots or scratches on the necklace, then it’s likely that it is not real sterling silver. 

You should also take a look at the clasp of the necklace. Both the clasp and the necklace should be molded together while it's been manufactured.This ensures that the necklace doesn't break after wearing it a couple of times.


The weight of sterling silver dictates how much it costs. The most recent price of sterling silver, whether its forks or jewelry, will cost about $0.47 per gram. A sterling silver necklace with a pendant can weigh around 7 grams, which won’t be heavy on the neck whatsoever. 

Silver Necklace On Plate


If this is your first time buying a sterling silver necklace, you might become overwhelmed with the variety of lengths available. As a rule of thumb, you should decide on a length that complements a majority of your blouses and dresses. 

This means before you even select a length, it's pivotal you think about the outfits that you're most likely going to end up wearing with the necklace. For those who can't make up their mind, you can ask a friend to try on one of their necklaces, and you can work from there.

Below is a chart that provides a brief look as to the names and measurements of certain lengths that you'll most commonly find sterling silver necklaces available in.





Rests closely below the neck

14 to 16 inches


Rests over your collarbones

17 to 20 inches


Rests over your chest

26 to 35 inches


Rests below the bustline

Above 36 inches

As you can see, there are both short and long silver necklaces available. Each length provides a different look to your outfit, so you should choose one that works best with the clothes you have.

You can wrap certain sterling silver necklaces twice or three times around your neck to give off a layered look to your accessory. On the other hand, short necklaces ensure that pendants stay close to your heart area, which ends up elegantly framing your face.

Keep in mind that short silver necklaces will be cheaper than long ones. For those who simply want to give a sterling necklace a try, you should opt out for a short one and then decide if you want a long one.

Does It Come With Pendant?

Sterling silver necklaces are available in a variety of styles, but the one that's being discussed here today is the pendant style. This style refers to an unadorned silver chain that has a piece of pendant jewelry hanging from it.

Man Holding Silver Necklace

You’ll notice that a majority of sterling silver chains feature a sterling silver pendant since the two complement each other well. However, you will find the occasional silver necklaces that feature a gold, platinum, or gemstone pendant.


Hopefully, you comprehend everything there is to know about sterling silver necklaces to the point that you can decide on the right gift for your loved one. As you can see, you can’t go wrong with a sterling silver necklace, so go ahead and make your loved ones day with this gift.

For those who have any further questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. We will make it our priority to get back to you.

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